Women-owned businesses account for 42% of all businesses in the US, but women-led startups received only 1.9% of venture capital funding in 2021.

Women-owned businesses face several hurdles, including access to funding, gender bias, and stereotypes, as well as work/life balance.

Despite these challenges, women-owned businesses continue to thrive and make significant contributions to the economy.

Efforts to address these obstacles include promoting diversity and inclusivity, providing targeted financial support, fostering mentorship programs, and encouraging gender-balanced leadership within organizations.

Because of these unique challenges, VUE Health felt it was important to earn certification with WBENC and gain access to the breadth of companies and leaders that are growing and leaning into creating opportunities for today and all of the tomorrows.

Kathryn Wilson

Kathryn is a 25-year veteran of the pharmaceutical marketing industry who started out at her first agency as an intern and fell in love with the intricacies of bringing healthcare and information to key demographics to support better health outcomes.

Early on in her career, Kathryn focused on big brands and big launches. For the last 10 years, however, she has turned her attention to Boston-based clients who are bringing innovative and interesting products to market for the first time. In the time since Kathryn started VUE Health 7 years ago with a vision of doing things a little differently, the agency has grown from three employees to 40, increasing its revenue year over year with a nearly 100% client retention rate.

Kathryn was honored as a Woman of Distinction by MM&M in 2022 and VUE Health has been nominated for and has won several MM&M Marketing Awards. VUE Health was also honored in 2020 and 2022 as a “Best Place to Work” in industry and geographic publications.
Kathryn Wilson veteran of the pharmaceutical marketing
Kathryn Wilson
CEO, Managing Partner
The Women of VUE Health

The Women
of VUE Health

Creativity, strategic thinking, and attention to detail

The women of VUE Health bring fresh ideas and perspectives to help companies connect with their target audiences. Their contributions help shape the industry and push the boundaries of what’s possible in advertising. As the advertising industry continues to evolve, the inclusion of talented women in leadership roles is more critical than ever to ensure that diversity, inclusivity, and innovation remain at the forefront of advertising campaigns.

Our history of success, combined with our exceptional team of professionals and unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, sets the stage for incredible growth and achievement in the future.

Meet the Team
leadership icon
The leadership team at
VUE Health is 57% women
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The VUE Health team has volunteered
more than 500 hours to charity and
volunteer endeavors
that help to support
women in the Greater Boston Area
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50/50 split of male and female
at VUE Health

The Story of VUE Health

VUE Health is a full-service healthcare marketing and medical communications company focused on innovation, advancement, and the fearless pursuit of bringing science, education, and medicine to those in need.

Women-owned, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, VUE Health has the vision to answer your marketing challenges.

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