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AvaSure partners with VUE Health To Drive Business Growth

The healthcare industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges due to nursing shortages and escalating labor costs, which have created an unsustainable environment for health systems and hospitals. Recognizing this urgent need, AvaSure, a trusted partner of more than 1000 hospitals, has expanded their virtual care platform by integrating virtual nursing alongside real-time patient monitoring. This strategic integration aims to address these pressing issues and provide healthcare organizations with innovative approaches to ensuring patient safety and high-quality care while efficiently managing workforces.



Enable AvaSure’s sales and marketing teams to effectively showcase the differentiated value of AvaSure's virtual care platform, which now encompasses both real-time patient monitoring and virtual nursing solutions. Emphasize the proven benefits of AvaSure's virtual care models, which have consistently demonstrated significant enhancements in patient outcomes while reducing labor costs for health systems and hospitals.


In collaboration with AvaSure, we implemented key strategies to drive significant business growth, including developing new branding and positioning that effectively communicate AvaSure's strong value proposition, segmenting target audiences and implementing a comprehensive lead generation plan to support AvaSure’s sales and marketing efforts and redesigning AvaSure's corporate website, highlighting AvaSure’s evidence-based results and showcasing their significant advancements in virtual care. Additionally, enabling ongoing and personalized communications with key buyers through the implementing marketing automation with CRM. Our integrated approach positions AvaSure for accelerated growth and continued success in the industry.
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