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VUE Health Field Study Digs Deeper Into Diabetes & Leads to Patient-driven Discoveries

What did 2000 adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes teach us? See what we shared at ADCES.

Vikram Kanda
by Vikram Kanda
Chief Medical Officer

At VUE Health, we are purpose driven to continually learn more and dig deeper.

We gleaned a lot of insights from these populations, including the fact that more than one-third of survey respondents worry about diabetes often or all the time. In addition, almost half said that their condition has at least a moderate impact on their mental health.

These were the demographics of our population (N=1976):

A gender breakdown of Diabetes survey respondents
A bar graph showing the race breakdown of Diabetes survey respondents
A circle graph showing a person’s age at which type 2 Diabetes was diagnosed.
A circle graph showing a person’s age at which type 1 Diabetes was diagnosed.
A circular chart illustrating the distribution of insurance statuses among participants in the Diabetes survey.
A chart showing the employment statuses among participants in the Diabetes survey.

We have certainly come a long way in the 100 years since the first insulin injection was administered, but we are still seeing how people are struggling to manage their diabetes within the construct of their lives.

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